Easy Neutral Slush Mix with over 200 Slush Flavors In-House and On-Demand. Create new flavor excitement with your customers by changing up flavors often.

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Epic Magical Slush Mix is an Italian style fruit neutral slush that is despensed through a visual display grantia (slush) machine.It is made with a combination of concentrated lemon base and premium Magical Flavors to give you the truest fruit taste possible.

Epic Magical Slush mix is fat-free, non-dairy and cholesterol free. Epic Slush Mix delivers high-impact colors, with special cold-water-soluble ingredients, cold stable flavor blends for high impact and proper brix levels for optimal consistency.

Comes in small 1 Quart/Liter size bottle for easy handling. You can make over 200 flavors of slush in-house and on-demand by adding the flavour component via Magical Flavors. Each case has 6 x 1 Liter bottles. Each case delivers over 48 Liters of awesome slush with your own choice of over 200 Magical Flavors. Buy Cheap Slushie Machines in the USA and Canada

For Granita Mix, please see Magical Granita Mix

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